If I could bother you for just a moment, I have a couple favors to ask:

1) Go vote for Draft Day Suit in Shape magazine’s Best Sports Blogs contest. Yes, I write for DDS occasionally, but not nearly enough to take any credit for this nomination. Sarah and Laurie and all the other talented folks who contribute — including our own Clumberkim — put in a ton of work to make DDS a great site, and they deserve your votes. It takes just a quick visit to the contest site, and there’s no registration required.

2) Get yourself a ticket to this year’s Crazy Scary event at Scarehouse. This is the fundraiser started last year by my friends Michelle and Ginny, the one where Ginny had to go through sprint through Scarehouse by herself and where Michelle had to dress up like a Disney princess. I don’t know a thing about what fun might ensue at this year’s event, which will be held on Oct. 19; but I know last year those two raised $3,000 for Make Room For Kids and for a Christmas toy drive at the Alle-Kiski Area HOPE Center.

And if that’s not enough for you, I understand there will be shenanigans. You can get your VIP tickets — which get you access to the party, food, a cocktail and a no-line pass to the haunts — here. Do it quick, though — there are only 75 tix available.

See? That wasn’t so hard…


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