Things I’ve learned after a successful first week of Couch to 5K:

  • My street only looks flat.
  • The nice English lady who lives in the C25K app sounds awfully earnest when she tells me to run. I always feel like looking back over my shoulder to see if she’s noticed someone following me.
  • Strangers really want to talk to me while I’m running.
  • Or maybe they’re checking to see if I can still breathe.
  • So far, I can.
  • The crossing guards in my neighborhood are pretty cool. They cheer for me as I go by.
  • The people in my neighborhood apparently lose sunglasses with alarming frequency.
  • The little hooligans who watch deck hockey games in Marmaduke Park need to do a better job of keeping their balls to themselves.
  • If I ever have to vomit in someone’s front yard, I’ve already picked out a couple where it probably won’t matter.
  • I still love the iPod’s October Mix, but it’s not the best running music ever.
  • The Ballgame Tailgate mix might be, though.
  • When you announce you’re going to give something like this a try, you instantly get a ton of support from friends. If you have friends like mine, anyway.
  • No matter how hard I try, I haven’t yet come up with a reason to stop.


  1. Hmmm… I clicked on the “Ballgame Tailgate Mix” link expecting to learn what songs were in this mix – but all I got was a blog entry with lots of pictures of happy people eating and drinking. Shiny Happy People?


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