It happened again.

I returned to running today, after putting my schedule on hold because of the Man Cold. Predictably, it was a rough one, but I got through it OK, especially with a brief, unexpected break; as I approached the Jack’s Run Bridge, I saw a woman ahead walking a honey brown dog.

I got closer. She looked up and smiled.

“You’re Uncle Crappy.”

And then I almost fell over.

I knew immediately that it was Kristen, who’s been been a reader here for a while before moving back, not only to Pittsburgh but to a house that’s just a couple blocks from where Mrs. Crappy and I live. It made sense — she told me before she thought she had spotted me while out walking her dog — and she also looks exactly like the artist’s rendering Gina drew back in May.

I’m never going to completely get over the surprise of being recognized because of the blog. But I’m learning to enjoy it more, and I was especially happy that Kristen did what she said she would do. Again — awesome to meet you, lady. Hope to run into you again when I can actually speak.


    1. You DO! I have even changed my hair length – not long enough for a ponytail now – but I was wearing a hair clip to keep it off my face so it still looked the same.

      Now the next challenge is to meet you, Gina and see how long it takes you to recognize me! Your talent really is amazing.


  1. It was great to meet you too! I hope we ‘run’ into each other again also, as I was not my normal chatty self either (maybe a good thing though!). And thanks for the PERFECT description of the color of my dog – I never know what to call her – tan, brown? But ‘honey brown’ is perfect and might even give us a new nickname.

    Also, if you still need a ‘running buddy’ for any 5K’s, let me know. I have done a couple before, and know from experience that I could either 1) keep up and would be happy to walk when/if you needed or 2) if you wanted to surge ahead, and I *couldn’t* keep up, it would be fine by me and you would feel GREAT that you could beat someone who has done a 5K before! Plus as it is established we live close, we could carpool too – win/win!


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