WordPress has done a bunch of tinkering in the last year, re-vamping the back end particularly in respect to how it displays stats. As part of that change, it emailed me a link to a year-end stats package that was fun to go though.

And I thought I would share.

  • Most Read: That was nickname, the post about the origin of the Uncle Crappy name. It was followed by did it again, a two-year-old post about the pizza party we hosted (more about that one in a minute) and flw,ftw, another two-year-old post about our visit to Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob (the one with the pictures I wasn’t allowed to post).
  • Commenters: You’re all awesome, but Becky is the most awesomest; she was the top commenter for the year. Ms. Hellohahanarf was followed by Large, Kewyson, Gina and RPM. Thanks, y’all.
  • How they got here, Part One: Twitter is how you got here, which probably means I should do a better job of linking new posts there (or, you know, writing more posts in the first place). Twitter was followed by Networked Blogs — the Facebook app that I just shitcanned a couple days ago because it sucks — WordPress, Facebook and Google Reader.
  • How they got here, Part Two: This is the fun one. I think of myself as having pretty good taste when it comes to food and especially drink. So when I looked through the search terms that brought people here most often, I was a bit surprised. Following “Uncle Crappy” (the most popular search term), the searches that got people here were for “Seagram’s Wine Coolers,” “wine cooler drinks” and “IC Light Mango.” There is an explanation here. The wine coolers references were part of the pizza party post, because Beth left a mess of them in our beer fridge (Um, thanks?) and, of course, I reviewed the mango monstrosity back in June in what turned out to be the fourth most-read post of the year.

Thanks, guys — that was a pretty good year, on your part at least. As for me, I’m going to find a way to muster more than the 106 posts I put up in 2011.


  1. I got this email too, but didn’t click through. I’ve heard concerns about the jetpack upgrade and wasn’t sure if this automatically upgraded that plug-in. But I like these results… so, now I’m going to go click through mine. :)


  2. Thank you UC – your effort of blogging generates multitude of enjoyment from readers near and far – I’ve completely enjoyed being able to get more reconnected with you and Mrs C (as best as we can via blog posting) – relished in your rejuvination of life in the local crowd (those who are in their mid-life will understand) – and simply was pleased to be able to continue to connect at some level with a good ol’ friend –

    Keep up the great work / effort – keep running – keep drinking, keep pontificating about music I may not completely understand, keep cooking and (on your other post) keep up the fundamental OSU spirit – in short – just keep on keeping on –

    Uof M is playing now – for the Big 10 – Go the Team Up North (and for the Carolina Boy of course – stop yer over exuberent Husker beating activities – it’s getting embarrasing)



    1. UC – I have been disconnected this year. A few things related to life running way to fast, etc. Keep up the great work of connecting the world to your world. You do that very well and it is important to keep it going. There are people who look forward to reading each and every post.

      On another note…..Urban will turn “the nuts” into something Woody would be proud of. The team up North did win and it was ugly. It is a “W” and there were 11 of them in 2011. AND…Kewyson…WE ARE CAROLINA and Bo Pee, we beat you 30-13 even though you think your CornCobs are better than the GameChickens!


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