Normally, tradition dictates that on my birthday I would post a single picture of an Ohio State football player whose jersey number reveals my rapidly advancing age.

But this morning, I had such an incredible beginning to start of my new age that I’m going to alter tradition a bit. Miles was trying to get one of us up so he could enjoy an early breakfast. He still seems to think he has a better chance to get Mrs. Crappy out of bed, so he had walked up between us so he could better discuss this situation directly with Mrs. Crappy’s ear.

I was facing Mrs. Crappy in bed, and when I briefly opened my eyes to see what was going on, I saw this — the very first thing I would see on my birthday:

cat butt
Note: This is a stunt butt. Miles was not available for photographs.

And that, boys and girls, is an awesome way to start a birthday.

Oh, the number?

A.J.-HawkHappy birthday to me.



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