It’s one of the reasons I’ve always known I chose the right profession: I love working on election night.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a municipal election — as is the case tomorrow — or a presidential race. It doesn’t matter if I’m updating the site with the latest results and stories — as is the case tomorrow — or covering two or three races live. And it doesn’t matter that there is a lot of sitting around and waiting — there is always a rush in working election night.

I’m predisposed to enjoy working on a deadline, and the deadlines on election night are generally the tightest we come across all year. If I’m writing a story — or a couple — I love the challenge of tracking down comments from those involved in the race and getting the story to the desk on time.

That won’t be the case for me tomorrow night, but we’re doing some pretty ambitious stuff in terms of tracking results and updating them for the site. And that stuff is all mine.

There are some ancillary trappings to election-night duty that I don’t mind as well. I’ll be able to sleep in a little bit tomorrow, something that I feel like I still need after Sunday’s stroll. Mrs. Crappy and I will be able to vote at our leisure and then maybe get a nice lunch in town. And there will be either pizza or wings in the evening, the traditional election-night dinner in newsrooms everywhere.

There is no question that that stuff makes election-night duty enjoyable. But don’t get me wrong — the best part of election night doesn’t happen until the polls close and the results start coming in.

And I can’t wait.