Continuing my long-standing tradition of ignoring Facebook memes in favor of posting them here, today I present: The States To Which Uncle Crappy Has Traveled.


That’s the same map that’s been popping up all over Facebook in the last few days, courtesy of Defocus Blog. Here’s the key, based on the specs of the creator:

  • White: I haven’t been.
  • Red: A brief stop or a drive-through.
  • Orange: Spent a day or two.
  • Blue: Multiple trips.
  • Green: I’ve lived there, stayed there for more than a couple weeks or taken multiple multiple trips.

Naturally, I have more information:


  • Ohio: I was born and grew up in Columbus. Athens is my spiritual home.
  • Pennsylvania: Uh, I live there. Here. Whatever.
  • Kentucky: I lived there for just over two years, while stationed at Fort Knox. If you haven’t heard it already, ask me to tell you my Kentucky Derby story.
  • Wisconsin: I spent several summers at the lake houses of Dr. History’s family, on a chain of lakes between Woodruff and Minocqua. Love that area.
  • Florida: This is perhaps a borderline green state for me, but I’m including it because of our nearly annual trips there to spend time with my sister’s family.


  • It’s interesting to see how many of these are included in the list because of Grateful Dead, Phish or other miscellaneous hippie-band touring over the years. Several — Indiana, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey and probably New York — were bumped up from Oranges or Reds because of the shows I’ve seen.
  • Texas: The result of the residence of my mother in law and her husband, and a long family vacation that led to the discovery of the Whataburger chain. That was the same trip when I thought I’d be good an order a water at a restaurant in Nuevo Larado, Mexico; my mother quickly told the server that I would have a Coke instead, leading young me to believe that Mexico was the coolest place on the entire planet.
  • Colorado and Utah: Ski trips. And I need to go back soon.
  • Michigan: The State Up North would have made the list for several ski trips to Boyne, but there have also been football games at East Lansing — a good one — and two trips to that other college town. Those weren’t so good.
  • Hawaii: A family trip — the one that led to our brush with Pele, the state’s goddess of fire — and our honeymoon. The family trip also led to my only appearance in California; our flights to and from the islands both went through LAX.


  • Man, I need to spend some time in New England.


  1. My family has a place just south of Minocqua and we’ve had many, many wonderful times there. If it’s been a while since you’ve made it up there, some things have changed, but far fewer than just about anywhere else. A lot of the stuff I’ve posted here ( are from our trip there this past summer.

    And having spent 15 years in Oklahoma, you’re not missing much.


    1. Yeah, not so much worried about Oklahoma. But where in Wisconsin? Or if you’re that close to Minocqua, which lake? My friend’s cabins were on Mid Lake, which sits off a channel that connects Lake Minocqua and Lake Tomahawk.


  2. Yes – you do need to visit the NE – think of a folksy hippie vide (in some areas) – others are like the lakes region of Wisconsin, except with mountains. – I’ve got the home base in NY / CT if you want to head over this way – winter ski trip this year??

    What did you do in MT? that’s 1 of 5 of mine not hit in some manner (OK, OR, AR and ND are the rest).


    1. I’m DYING to ski in New England, but until we’re a two-income house again, that’s going to have to wait.

      Montana was part of a long family trip — Glacier plus a stay in Helena with friends of the family. I want to see it again — and ski it for the first time — because I recall as a kid that it seemed like the biggest space ever.


  3. We love Oregon, our retirement plans include a move to this state. And their neighbor Washington magnificent and legal.Give them a try they have great skiing.


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