An NCAA tournament without Coach K and Dook? Eh. We’ll manage.

The Fourteenth Kind Of Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought To You By Piper’s Pub*) without you? That would be a shame.

But you’re in luck, boys and girls! Unlike years past, the first round of the NCAA tournament doesn’t start until Friday, so instead of this post being a last call of sorts, it is your 24-hour(ish) reminder: Git yer pix in soon.

Important things to remember: It’s free to enter. I just need your final four, your semi-finalists, your champion and a title game final score, to use as a tiebreaker. I’ll need those, submitted via your favorite social media platform (there will be bonus points* for anyone who submits and entry via TikTok), by noon Friday. And if you win, boys and girls, you’ll enjoy $50 of food and beverages from the legendary Piper’s Pub on me (or fifty American dollars, eligible to be exchanged for goods and services, for you out-of-towners).

There are some more rules and guidelines to keep in mind, but in general you won’t find an easier college hoops pool than FKOAUCNFFC (BTYBPP*). Don’t miss out, kids — get your entries in soon.

*Editor’s note: Bonus points are not actually worth anything.


  1. With Covid rules in play, one never knows – but I stuck with the tried and true (and no Duke Blue) –
    M*ch*gan / Iowa – with the Team up North prevailing
    Illinois / Baylor – with Illinois coming through with the win
    Final victor goes to Illinois – 87 – 83


  2. Final four: Gonzaga vs. Alabama, Ohio St. vs. Houston
    Championship: Alabama vs. Ohio St.
    Champion: Alabama
    Tie Breaker: 78-72

    Good luck everyone!


  3. Against my better judgement, I’m going chalk.

    Give me all number one seeds in the Final Four.

    Illinois, Gonzaga, Baylor and Michigan with Gonzaga beating Baylor in the final game 82-67.

    But what do I know?


  4. Kids picked this one. I’ll think about getting them Piper’s if we win.

    Final Four: Gonzaga vs. Alabama, Ohio St. vs. Clemson
    Championship: Alabama vs. Ohio St.
    Champion: Ohio St.
    Tie Breaker: 77-75


  5. Hey, why not?

    Final Four: Kansas vs. Alabama, Purdue vs. West Virginia
    Championship: Alabama vs. Purdue
    Champion: Alabama
    Tie Breaker: 80-85


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