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As I mentioned in my Facebook post a while back,  I can be a sucker for memes, especially if one comes up when I’m stuck for a blog topic. My buddy Bobby Cherry tagged me for this one, and I’m happy to respond.

Keep in mind my rules. I’m not tagging anyone specifically, but if you’re looking for something to do and want to give it a try, consider yourself tagged.


  1. My first name usually works pretty well.
  2. Uncle Crappy. I’ve been surprised by the number of people who have approached me recently and asked: “Are you Uncle Crappy?”
  3. Pounder. College nickname. A play on my last name and a long-ago brief-but-intense attraction to 16-ounce cans of Old Milwaukee. If Mrs. Crappy really wants my attention, this is the one she uses.


  1. Newspaper reporter. I hope to keep this one for a while, but I dunno…
  2. Cook, Bagel Buggy in Athens. For just one day a week, for one quarter late in my college career. Could be the most fun I’ve ever had working.
  3. Armor crewman, U.S. Army. Those M-1 tanks you see on the news? I can drive ’em, load ’em and shoot ’em.


  1. Pittsburgh, Pa. I’ve always grumbled about being here, especially during football season. So the natural thing was to buy a house here and stay, right?
  2. Athens, Ohio. As close to a spiritual home as I’m ever going to get. Doesn’t matter how long I’ve been away; when I return, I am instantly comfortable.
  3. Columbus, Ohio. The place o’ my birth.


  1. The Weather Channel. I’m still not sure if this counts as a “show,” but this is on my TV more than anything.
  2. Food TV. I love eating. I love cooking. Too many shows to list.
  3. “College Football Gameday,” ESPN. C’mon. You know me, right? If you do, you wont find this surprising…


  1. Kauai. Twice, on a family vacation and on our honeymoon. As close to perfect as I may ever find.
  2. Minocqua, Wisc. I spent many summers here with the family of Dr. History. Best time of my life.
  3. Ohio Stadium. In section 14C, specifically.


  1. White Castle.
  2. Donatos pizza.
  3. My father’s spaghetti. I make it too, but it’s awfully nice to have it made for you.


  1. Summer.
  2. Skiing.
  3. The next Michigan game.

These change frequently, depending on who I’m listening to and/or what shows are coming up.

  1. Grateful Dead.
  2. Phish.
  3. Wilco.


  1. Ohio State football.
  2. Cleveland Indians baseball.
  3. Pittsburgh Angels rugby. OK, sure, I’ve been to only one game. We had a great time, though…

(Cleveland Browns? Nope. They’re kind of on probation with me at the moment.)


  1. East End’s Homewood Imperial Stout.
  2. A bourbon Manhattan.
  3. Water.

look: bullets.

Hi. It’s snowing. And I’m not skiing. Yet.

In the meantime, here’s a few things:

  • For the first time in the history of Uncle Crappy, the domain I should have been using all along is active. will direct you back here. Try it for yourself:
  • Yes. The site looks a little different. Just a switch of templates. I haven’t tinkered for a while.
  • I’m still going to Seven Springs on Friday. A couple days ago I told you the high temp was to reach 7 degrees. That’s since been revised; the high is expected to be: 1. Yes. One freaking degree. The good news? They could get around 8 inches of new snow between now and then.
  • This will mean a lot to a few of you: There’s no FOG weekend this year. You’ll get an email soon, or you can check here for a quick explanation. We’re bumming over this.
  • We may try to do something fun when it gets warm, though. Stay tuned.
  • Last weekend’s ice skating adventure was a Tweetup of sorts. There’s another that just popped up, one that has the potential to make a difference in the lives of a few people. It’s our first TweetUp HeatUp — show up at the Harris Grill on Jan. 26, meet all those people you’ve been tweeting with … and bring an article of men’s winter clothing with you. We’ll pass them on to the shelter at the East Libery Presbyterian Church. Details are here. Thanks to Jennie and others for putting this together.
  • Maybe Jennie can tell me who the others are?
  • I just looked at the Harris’ site to grab the link — and they’re hosing Groundhoggapalooza on Jan. 31. Hmmmm…
  • So I don’t have to think about football any more than necessary: The Indians’ pitchers and catcher report to spring training in 28 days.

summer’s here.

frankie.jpgIt’s not quite time to break out the shorts and flip-flops, but that’s how I always feel on baseball’s opening day.

This is a day for optimism, even for Pirates fans. This is a day for anticipation, of hot nights at the ballpark or sitting on the porch with a beer and a grilled hot dog, listening to the Indians on the radio. This is a day to dream of summer and everything that comes with it, whether it’s related to baseball or not.

And yeah — this is a day for baseball, too.

It doesn’t matter that we could still see a little snow here before the weather breaks for good.

It doesn’t matter that the Pirates — a team I’d really like to do well — are probably going to be done by the All-Star break.

It doesn’t matter that nearly everyone is saying the Tigers are going to win the AL Central.

It doesn’t matter that the Indians are tied 7-7 with the White Sox as they head into the home half of the eighth inning.

It doesn’t even matter that Jacobs Field is now named for an insurance company.

In fact, there much that seemed to matter when I heard Tom Hamilton say “We’re underway at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario” this afternoon while I was driving to work.

Enjoy your summer, everyone.

UPDATE, a short while later: Tribe wins, 10-8. And how about those nifty new uniforms?

play ball.

travis-hafner.jpgReasons why my just-drafted fantasy baseball team might be pretty good:

1) Johann Santana.

2) C.C. Sabathia.

3) Grady Sizemore.

4) J.J. Putz.

5) Travis Hafner.

Reasons why it might not:

1) Geovany Soto.

2) Vernon Wells.

3) Nick Markakis.

4) Troy Percival.

5) My record as a fantasy baseball manager.

Football I can handle. In fact, I won last year’s Try Not To Suck league title, and I opted for a fairly non-traditional trophy: an iPhone.

As much as I love baseball, though, it hasn’t been berry, berry good to me. But March is a time for optimism, and I got the same shot as the other seven guys in my league.

Especially if I get a little more offense.


Do you understand how odd it is for me to wake up on a Sunday and think, “The Browns should probably win today’s game?”

Even more strange: they then go ahead and win.

Not quite as strange: the Indians appear to be in good shape in their series against Boston. After the extra-inning thing in Boston on Saturday, I never really felt like they were threatened during last night’s game. Two games left in Cleveland. Two wins needed to move on. And even if we don’t finish it up at home, the Red Sox will have to deal with Sabathia and Carmona twice — and I like the chances that they’re both going to pitch like they can, instead of like they did at the start of the series.

But Uncle Crappy, you say — what about the college football?

Whew. Not quite ready. Soon.


Because we’re getting ready to leave, here are some bullets:

  • I’m not forgetting the football. I just not trying to draw attention to what Ohio State has been doing so far this season. Here’s a hint: I just watched the 2002 season highlight DVD, and noticed … many similarities. Hmmm…
  • The Wife and I are headed to Gettysburg this morning for a short trip. The history of the area is obviously an important reason why we chose to take a few days off, but there are a couple of others: ghosts and beer. I might be able to blog from out there — if I can, I will.
  • It’s been a nice Birthday Week so far, kids, and I anticipate that continuing through the weekend. After we get back from Gettysburg, we’ll head to Columbus for dinner and a David Sedaris — lecture? reading? — thing on Friday, and then the tailgate and the football on Saturday. See y’all then.