He's aliiiiiiiive.
He's aliiiiiiiive.

So I stayed home from work today, and I was settling in for a nap, in hopes that I can finally shake this sinus infection that’s been kicking my ass all week.

I hear my phone buzz. It’s a text from one of yinz guys, asking me if I’m OK. It was a very nice gesture, but I am puzzled; I haven’t really told anyone about being sick this week.

I am now awake. I am compulsively unable to put down my phone without, at a minimum, checking my email and opening TwitterFone, so I start with the usual fiddling. Email: A few DMs and a couple messages. Twitter: What looks to be three hundred and forty two @s, all wishing me well.

– – –

I am sick. I am also overwhelmed. Thanks to all of yinz for checking on me. I still don’t know whether there are other groups of Twitter friends who would do something like that; I’m awfully happy that this one does.

Thank you. Really.

And I’m going to go back to bed now. See y’all later.


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