7 Replies to “can’t blame them.”

  1. My birthday is in February, so I always felt cheated out of things. My family would do this to me. (*take note: don’t die in cold months or during mom’s annual trek to Myrtle Beach*)

    Now in my 26th year of existence, I’ve decided to have a Half-Year Birthday. Because I only could have indoor pool parties at the Moon Holiday Inn, I’ve decided this year (on or around Aug. 21), I will have a Half-Year Birthday party.


  2. I’m interestedin the whodunit angle…

    …tough-guy family member?

    …stupid drunk obit writer?

    …disgruntled editor?



  3. Is similiarly intrigued, Large. And also laughing my ass off.

    re: half birthdays. I have two little girls with winter b-days (Nov. & Jan.). We are thinking of doing half birthday in a couple of years — at least once. We’ll see when we get there. It’d just be nice to have an outdoor option for a change.



  4. We do a have b-day party for my stepson who was born on December 24th. Kids don’t care when you have a party, just that you have it. And, it’s a whole lot easier to get family and friends together in June than it is to compete with all of the holiday hullabalu and the weather.

    P.S. We still have a cake and light the candles on the 24th.


  5. Danielle, I find sometimes it’s the still living people at the funeral who are the worst thing.

    I’m not sure which aspect of this obit I love the most: the “big bunch of sissies” aside or the odd choice for a portrait photo.


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