A couple months ago, we decided to take BurghBaby up on her offer to take some daisies off her hands.

She was preparing for her family’s move to the castle they had just purchased, and was looking to thin out her garden a bit before they left. I know I was happy to take some flowers off her hands, even though I know much more about killing plants than I do growing them.

Nonsense, she said — these are idiot-proof. Stick ’em in the ground, give ’em some sunlight and water and although they’ll look grumpy for a while, they’ll be fine.

They looked grumpy for a long time. And then, about two weeks ago, we saw a flower. More recently, we saw this:


BB, I’m happy we have a small part of your old home in our backyard. And I hope you enjoy your new place as much as we do ours.

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  1. Yay! Those daisies originated from a tiny little container I bought in Akron 14 years ago. They have now spread to over a dozen yards in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. I lurve them!

    And, uh, if I end up killing the ones I brought to the castle, I may be haunting you for a few little pieces next year. We shall see.


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