I haven’t been especially good about this for the last few weeks.

And there’s a danger to that, because we’re entering the months in which I typically find all kinds of reasons to not post stuff here. The double-barreled threat of the Summer Slump and my lack of motivation in April and May has led me to take drastic measures.

And so I turn to NaBloPoMo. I do this every November, because it’s what I do every November. But a couple years ago, the National Blog Posting Month people started suggesting themes every month; I’ve tried a few times outside of the November deal, with mild success. And I definitely need a kick in the ass right now.

And that, not coincidentally, is the theme for June: Now. I thought this might present some interesting writing opportunities, whether I’m following the theme to the letter or taking a little license and bending it to fit whatever’s on my mind.

Right now? I’m writing about people who live along Big Sewickley Creek who had to deal with another flash flood last night.


  1. This news would thrill me more if I knew it meant I was getting my Bocktown gift card.


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