For the second time this year, Mrs. Crappy and I have appeared in a WPXI See and Be Seen slide show.

The first time was back in the spring, when they showed up to cover my Craft Beer School session downtown. And the above photo was taken from their coverage of Secret Agent L’s Laura’s reveal party at the Firehouse Lounge.

1) That the Crappys have appeared — twice — in any form of society pages in the space of one year strikes me as absolutely hysterical.

2) And when I’m done laughing, I’ll probably find some genuine concern for the state of Pittsburgh Society.


    1. I can’t tell who I’m talking to in that shot. But by then, I had killed most of my Free Gigantic Manhattan, so it’s no wonder I was feeling happy.


  1. True story: the first time I saw that pic, my brain sort of morphed the Mrs. C’s hair with @pghrugbyangel’s hair and created a brand new person I had never seen before. I had a brief second of OHMYGAI! Look at Crappy! He looks like he’s going to kiss that lady!


  2. Here’s an equivalency test:
    Unclecrappy is to high society as…
    a.) the Browns are to Championship football.
    b.) Rush Limbaugh is to liberalism.
    c.) Miller Lite is to craft brewing.
    d.) all of the above.


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