It’s not you. It’s me.

Just about every single interaction I had with other people today — in the office, on the phone, on Twitter, at the store — left me grinding my teeth. In a couple of instances — like with the clerk at Home Depot who thought suggesting that I get a cart would help me lift a bathroom vanity into the back of my car — my reaction has been justified, but in the rest of the cases, my rage has been entirely my problem.

I’m not usually a raving asshole — and, fortunately, I was largely able to keep the raving to myself today — so I’m hopeful this will pass and I’ll wake up tomorrow as my normal, cheerful self.

And that would be fine. Because today was not fun.

3 Replies to “foul.”

  1. It’s the heat. It’s making all of us crazy (or, depending on your mileage, crazier). It’s hard to picture you in a truly foul mood. Hope a beer or three make you feel better!


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