• I am oddly proud to say that I’ve made it through almost six weeks of NaBloPoMo without resorting to a full-on bullet post.
  • And yeah, we’re going to screw that up tonight.
  • As you might have noticed from the picture, we stopped, as we always do, at The Andersons as soon as we arrived in Columbus. That car includes beer for Saturday’s tailgate (Bell’s Winter White, Bell’s Oarsman, two from 21st Amendment — the black IPA and their winter warmer, which I hadn’t seen before — and the Columbus Brewing Company’s Winter Warmer.
  • We also have a bunch that we won’t be getting into for a while: Great Lakes Christmas, Bell’s Christmas, Pyramid’s Snow Melt and some bombers, including a Christmas ale from Hoppin’ Frog in Akron.
  • As I type this, I am drinking the season’s first Bell’s Winter White. This is a close to a religious experience as I get.
  • Remember the post from a couple days ago when I waxed poetic about the cold weather football games in November? Yeah. It’s going to be 70 tomorrow.
  • Warm? Bleh. But there is this, called to my attention by my friend Kelly: “But this is November, and Ohio State simply owns this month, especially when it comes down to games played within the raucous confines of Ohio Stadium.”
  • While I won’t fully appreciate what I’m sure will be a glorious day, I’m going to love the day anyway — the Penn State game is a huge deal to me, and we’re about 17-and-a-half hours away from kickoff.
  • And that means the tailgate party starts in about 10 hours.
  • And that means I’m getting up in seven hours.
  • And that means I’m done for the night.

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  1. The freakin’ Andersons…

    When we first moved to Toledo, our neighbors told us, “Whatever you need, you can find it at The Anderson’s.”

    Go Bucks!


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