EDIT: 2010, via Rob:


I envision this year to be much the same: Show up at the Mon Wharf around 8:30 or 8:45, get everybody gathered, jump in at 9:30 and then go somewhere for beverages and food (Hard Rock? Ruggers?)

We’re a bit too far out from Jan. 1 to be able to look at this with a ton of confidence, but this, boys and girls, doesn’t sound bad:

So. 2011 Polar Bear Plunge. Are you in?


  1. *sigh* I’m so sad that I’ll be missing the plunge this year.

    If I remember correctly, Hard Rock was finicky about us showing up that early and we had to wait for them to officially open.

    Also, not that you need a reminder, but the Pens play that day too. :D

    Yinz have fun and (try to) stay warm!


  2. Conversation with grandpap:

    “you going to jump in the Mon with me this year?”
    “are you trying to kill me?”

    Needless, I will be there and he should be spectating…


  3. The heat will be there, thinking about a recon to see if it’s pragmatic to run a tarp in front of the heat source to provide more btu’s to a wider plane so we can warm more soldiers, I mean meatheads ? Also thinking Ruggers may be more inviting…not sure I enjoyed the treatment that Hard Rock provided. PS, I’m a meathead.


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