When I’m on vacation, apparently, I’m on VACATION.

And that vacation can last even longer than the actual part of the vacation where we’re physically away from home.

See, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament — and, of course, the Seventh Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought To You By Bocktown) — wrapped up while we were in Florida. And whether I was suppressing¬†the memory of Ohio State folding like a cardboard house in a hurricane or I was completely distracted by beaches and beer, I completely spaced on closing out this year’s contest.

As I mentioned on the eve of the title game, we had three contestants — Casey, Barb and Otimemore — who would finished tied with 18 points if Kentucky won the championship game; that tie would force the use of tiebreakers in the history of AUCNFFC.

A Kentucky win? Check.


Ahhh, you’re freaking kidding me.

Kentucky and Kansas combined for a total 126 points in the championship game.

Otimemore filed a tiebreaker of 161 points.

Barb picked 151.

Annnnnd, so did Casey.

We have two SVAUCNFFC (BTYBB) winners, boys and girls, and thanks to the generosity of Chris Dilla, both will be treated as such. Instead of splitting the Bocktown gift card she had set for the winner, Chris said she’d give up two $30 Bocktown gift cards, one for each winner.

So. Barb and Casey. As soon as you get a chance, let me know your full name (uh, that’s mostly for Barb) and Bocktown preference (Robinson or Monaca) via email, DM or smoke signal, and I’ll make sure your respective gift cards are waiting for you at the Bocktown of your choice.

And the rest of you? Thank you for playing once again. And when you have a chance, go have a beer at the nearest Bocktown to thank them for their support.


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