A bit later today, I’ll find out whether my butt can cash a check my big mouth wrote a couple of months ago.

I’ve already taken you through the details of how Iron Chef Point Breeze came to be; today is the big day. I have two pounds of luscious jumbo lump crab meat in the fridge, and I’m in the middle of collecting everything else I need for our trip to Kim’s house later on.

I’ve mentally gone over the process a zillion times in the last couple of days. I know Kim is probably doing the same thing; judging from her Tweets, it seems like she’s hit on recipe she likes.

The esteemed panel of judges — Danielle, Scott, Will and Amy, along with spouses — all seem to be excited about this as well. I’ve seen nearly all these people in the past couple of days, and I probably should have been thinking about bribes. Ah — it’s a bit late now.

In my parents' kitchen. That foofy little glass is definitely NOT mine.

I don’t have a problem cooking for a bunch of people and, as seen above — when I was preparing jambalya to be fed to about 30 people over one of our Groundhog weekends — I don’t mind cooking in front of people either. But for some reason, I’m a bit nervous about tonight. That may just be preliminary jitters, though — I’m sure once we get started, I’ll be ready to go.


  1. And you have nothing to be nervous about. I, on the other hand, have made crab cakes exactly three times. Two of those times were this week. And a bunch of people I barely know are coming to my house that is.not.clean. If you see my mind anywhere, throw it in the car and bring it with you!


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